New Book: Sexy Boss released today

 New Book: Sexy Boss released today.

The guide for women who wish to break the glass ceiling and compete with the “big boys” sure to arouse controversy.


Her new book: Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How You Can Too, is a guide book for what could be the start of a revolution in the sexes.

“My book teaches women principles they need in order to go after what they want, regardless of what other people say or think,” Says Havenwood who is CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC.  Sexy Boss will be available as a free Kindle download November 13 and 14, 2012.  To download the Kindle book go to

The step-by-step program guides women to the many opportunities now available on the Internet, online marketing and starting any business.  “The playing field has dramatically changed in favor of women succeeding on their own and it is my goal to provide the tools women need to succeed,” says Havenwood.

Havenwood also explodes the myths and misconceptions women have about competing in what was previously only a man’s world.  “Self sabotage is common among women seeking to better their lives.  Attitude changes alone can make a big difference,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood, a respected authority on Internet marketing and entrepreneurial startups, has instructed, coached, and promoted many male and female entrepreneurs down the path to successful careers.

The book was written in conjunction with Sexy Boss Inc., Havenwood’s inspired new entrepreneurial training movement designed to educate, enlighten, and empower women to grow or start their own business. Havenwood says that Sexy Boss Inc. champion’s women entrepreneurs to acquire the paradigm-shifting skills necessary to step into the spotlight, level the psychological playing field, and beat the big boys in business.

“This is a guidebook to introduce women to the time-tested rules that the “Boys Club” use to be successful in business,” Havenwood says. “It’s time women suit up to compete with men in the marketplace by learning the right skills to win in the new virtual business world.”

“ is a multi-dimensional educational and coaching platform that helps women to shed old conventions while planting a swift, enlightened kick in the rear of those who dream of starting and growing a business, but can’t get past their own self-defeating limitations,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood minces no words when it comes to her tough-love approach, “Women need to ‘man up’ and stop whining about obstacles that prevent them from succeeding.”

Havenwood has spent her career coaching businessmen, and operates her own business teaching men how to deconstruct the way women think and operate. Through Sexy Boss Inc., she’s flipping the model by revealing to women the secrets and psychological triggers that guide the boys club’s climb to financial and entrepreneurial success.

“Sexy Boss Inc. is all about empowering women by redefining how the rules for business and money apply to them,” Havenwood says. “You rarely hear men complaining about obstacles when it comes to succeeding in business, you don’t find men asking for permission – they just do what’s necessary to win.”

For more information on Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex and How you can Too,” go to, or visit, or you can visit the Sexy Boss Facebook page and take the Sexy Boss pledge to “join the movement of fearless and fabulous women committed to acquiring the knowledge and power to succeed in business and make some outrageous money,” Says Havenwood

About Heather Havenwood:

Serial entrepreneur Heather Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss is a highly regarded authority on Internet marketing, marketing principles and lifestyle. Since marketing her first online business bringing together clients and personal coaches back in 1999, she has played an active role in the world of online marketing.  Ms. Havenwood also has earned her Masters Degree in Internet Marketing.

Havenwood has been dubbed the “Icon Creator” and the “Wizard Behind the Curtain,” by industry insiders having instructed, coached and promoted many successful entrepreneurs. She has produced and managed more than 350 seminars and events, and hosted tele-seminars with many top online business visionaries including Tom Antion, Joe Sugarman, Tony Blake, David Lakhani, Robert Shemin and many others.

Before turning her energies to Sexy Boss Inc, Havenwood coached men on how women think.  “Now it’s time to teach women how to play with the big boys in business,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood is the author of Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How you can Too,” 2012, Amazon Kindle and “The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A Rule Book for Divorced Men Stepping Back into the Game.”

About Sexy Boss Inc.:

Sexy Boss Inc. is the brainchild of entrepreneur and business coach Heather Havenwood, who saw a need for women to get off the sidelines and learn how to play the boys’ game for themselves. Sexy Boss is based on the principle that women will do well to adopt the rules already established in the male-dominated business world and acquire the necessary internet marketing skills that will help them outsmart and outwit at the boy’s own game.  “The newly armed and enlightened Sexy Boss will be red hot, fearless, and ready to achieve the fulfilled lifestyle that they want,” Says Havenwood.



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