Making the No BS Decision to Turn Pro


Turning Pro and Do What You Love to Do

So many of us are faced at some point with choosing our career or profession.  This is often a decision that is made with the help of parents, friends, teachers, and counselors that are a significant part of our lives.

The sad thing is that too much emphasis is placed on what is best for us as a career instead of what we want for our lives or what we desire most.  We’re taught very early that being creative through writing or art won’t bring us any wealth.  We’re taught to chose “wisely” when it comes to our future and pick a career that will be provide stability throughout our adult lives.

In making these decisions, the focus should turn to what we want for ourselves.  It is what we have  is   in ourselves that is important to us and what we are passionate about that should be the one and only thing that drives our decisions.

Make the Decision to Go Pro & Live a Passionate Life

While some people do just fine with the decisions they made for their life or careers, there are those who struggle with knowing there’s something more out there for them.

For some, it may seem like something’s wrong with them for wanting more or not being content with the life they have.  Stop whining and realize that there’s nothing wrong with you or anyone who doesn’t agree with your thoughts.

When we desire to want more for ourselves, the drive to take steps to pursue our desires comes from a place of power.  This represents a power within you that is struggling to come out.  The best thing you can do is to use that desire and the power that comes with it to turn pro.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article titled, “Six Tips to Turn Your Passion Into Profit.”  Notice the title says turning passion into profit.  This isn’t about not being happy at work or in life and just switching gears.  This is about discovering what you’re truly passionate about and living your life through that passion.

So many times we hear that we’re being silly or that we can’t possibly live off of doing something that we love.  A lot of times those voices come from within ourselves.  It’s important to realize how many people do what they love and make a great living doing it.

The article in Entrepreneur talks about how it’s not just important to be passionate about something to be a success.  It mentions that it’s also important to work hard, surround yourself with people who are passionate also, focusing on what it is that you’re passionate about, and being open to new ideas.

It’s important to mention doing your passion and turning it into your professional life is WORK!  It’s not about just realizing what your passion is.  It’s about taking that passion, embracing it, and making it your life’s purpose.

I recently interviewed Susan Bratton who runs Personal Life Media, Inc. with her husband.  She talked about the struggles that they went through in their personal relationship and how by working hard at discovering what was important to them, they were able to start their own company and improve their marriage as well.

Instead of giving up on themselves and their relationship, they took careful steps to figure out what they wanted for themselves and for each other.  Why?  Because it was what they were passionate about.

So many people get stuck in living a life that is unfulfilled or they take steps to make a change and when it doesn’t work out, they give up and go back to what they were originally doing.  What a waste!

Susan mentioned in our interview that people must incorporate “Behavioral Flexibility.”  What she means by this is when you don’t succeed at something, it shouldn’t be viewed as failure.  If something doesn’t work, you should perceive that as feedback and use that feedback to change or adapt your circumstances to make it work.

She also stresses that you must have practicality.  Through this you can clearly assess your values and strengths and bring those to the table to create the career or company that pleases you.

Not a Hobby, A Career

It’s important for us to distinguish between what makes a hobby and what makes a career.  We all have activities that we love or enjoy to do.  That doesn’t necessarily make all of them something we should use to turn pro.

What makes the difference is making the choice to give it 100% of your commitment.  Not only does it take commitment but it also involves taking risk and ignoring the negative comments others may have.

When you make that decision, you make the decision to turn pro. To quote Steven Pressfield, who wrote the book, Turning Pro, “Turning Pro is free, but it is not easy.  When we turn pro, we give up a life that we may have become extremely comfortable with.  We have to give up a self that we have come to identify with and call our own.”

The point is to go after what you want, be committed to it, and use your desire to fuel your success. Think of someone who loves to swim.  They may swim every day no matter what.  But do they compete?  Are they a professional swimmer?  No, they do it as a hobby.  Now think of someone like Missy Franklin.  She has been swimming since a very early age and is now a four-time gold medalist from the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Swimming isn’t her hobby it is her profession. She is a Pro.

No matter what it is that you love, you can turn pro but it’s up to you to make that happen.  You have to be willing to work hard, take risks, and begin to live the Sexy Boss Lifestyle.

Final Thoughts From a Sexy Boss

Every great person started out somewhere.  Learn what you love and dedicate your life to it.

Take the time to discover your strengths and use them to find your path.

This gives you the life you were meant to live and it will bring you success and wealth.