How To Have Power as a Female Entrepreneur

Women with the right kind of power can do anything

I traveled around the country over many years in what I call “The Boys Club,” because I was the only girl. When I was traveling with the “Club”, I was young and eager to learn all I could about being a success at business. Like a sponge, I was taking in all that I saw occurring around me.

“The Boys Club” taught me that power was domination, control, and manipulation. In some cases, which guy was the nastiest had the most power. At other times, it was the one who was the just the loudest. Additionally, I was taught that knowledge is power. So, I began to go to seminar after high end seminar. Earned my Masters Degree. I was power hungry.

In my quest for knowledge is power I learned something. None of that is true. Knowledge is not power; it is potential power. Using knowledge to create something or sell something is power. We, as females, have been taught completely wrong. We have been taught to look at business though the eyes of a man. Yes, education is great. The business concepts we grasp teach us to think about problems and fix the problems utilizing already known answers, but those answers are from the experiences of men. Women approach life and business differently.

Being a person of power is being a person that is willing to be fully responsible. Being a female entrepreneur does not come with a teacher’s edition. You will come to know that as an entrepreneur; especially as a female entrepreneur you will know you need to ask questions. You will learn to be resourceful. You give the answers to others and to yourself, and in most cases, you will not know for some time if the choice you made is the right or wrong answer. Just go with the choice you made, go with your gut. A Sexy Boss listens to her instinct.

Being a female entrepreneur is a way of life, not something you do one day and afterwards stop doing the next. It is not something you start one day and then stop the next month. It is not the next yo-yo diet; it is a way of life.

  • Sexy Boss is power
  • Sexy Boss is asking questions
  • Sexy Boss is taking responsibility for your entire life
  • Sexy Boss is power with a twist

Everyone wants power, but what is power? Power is being able to create what we want for ourselves and for others. Power is running the business we enjoy. Power is having a family that is safe and healthy. Power is an expression of admiration for others. Power is having people admire and respect us for who and what we are as well as how and what we do. Power is being able to go after the life they want.

Having power is developing within the personal relationship we choose, and keeping that relationship, for as long as we want to own it.

I believe that power is a choice. We tap into it, as women. As a female entrepreneur, we are chosen as the creators, and we choose to create. To be of service is what woman entrepreneur manifests as and usually to be of service to other woman. We are multi-tasking collaborators. That is how we Sexy Bosses can best serve each other.

Power Defined

1. Referent (Acquired Respect) Power
This is the power that is developed over time by others being a part of your business life and seeing you solve problems. It is more common in organizations where turnover is low and employees really have time to get to know each other. The advantage of a Sexy Boss, in this area, is that there is already a level of respect between women who have been in the workplace where traditional business
practices have left the women scarred. The women have been made to feel like
a token, or dismissed, excluded, scrutinized, devalued, useless, in the way, and invisible. These shared experiences help women to bond deeper and faster without years of working together.

2. Expert Power
Typically, this power is the direct result of academic efforts, recorded successes, proved track records, or other acknowledgement from outside sources. There are one or two diplomas, certificates, newspaper clippings or other acknowledgements hanging on the wall. The alternative is verbal confirmation by management or most of the other employees.

3. Return (WIFM Reward) Power
In this case, “What’s In It For Me?” is how the power is developed. Either there is a reward for doing the job or a gold star at some level. Often, there is an incentive, like a bonus or a promotion/title. There is something that makes the subordinates anxious to be a part of the position of subordinate for a period of time.

4. Assumed (Legitimate) Power
For some reason, the employees and peers give power to the person. It might be a title they hold, or a history of appropriate leadership. There is a clear reason why the person is given power, and everyone in the organization agrees on that reason.

5. Manipulative (Coercive – Bully) Power
This kind of power exists when one person can trample another due to status, position, seniority, blackmail, politics, and cultural or social status. This is the worst of all as it is what typically comes into pay during a crisis when another approach would be vastly more effective. Normally, people with low ego strength exert this type of power as a means to stand on the shoulder of another person so that he or she feels more important.

Final Thoughts from Sexy Boss

A Sexy Boss is a female entrepreneur who does not have to develop her power at
the expense of others. She increases her power as a result of the encouragement
she gives to others. She makes her own choices. She makes choices based on what
will empower herself and empower others around her. She has taken on this path of self-responsibility as a way of life and is therefore, is in control of her life. Sexy Boss is Power with a Twist.

[Editors Note: Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and
Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur who is regarded as an authority on internet marketing. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a computer.

Heather Ann is now stepping out from behind the curtain to educate, enlighten
and empower women entrepreneurs to grow or start an online business and live a
fearless, fabulous and fulfilled life.]