How to Find Success as a Sexy Boss by Focusing Your Mind

The first step to transforming into a Sexy Boss is directing your mind to let your sexual energy come through.  This does not mean dressing or looking sexy.  It’s about being charismatic and attracting your audience.

When your sexual energy comes through, it creates a higher power unlike anything on earth.

Give Yourself Permission to Have Sexual Energy

For most of our lives, we’re told it’s not appropriate to attract attention to ourselves.  Some may consider it rudeness or conceit but it really is about using energy to make us creative and charismatic.

You may have had someone put you down or tell you that you are not pretty or smart or sexy. Forget that!  No one can take your sexual energy away but you.  Your sexual energy is what makes you the person you are.  You can focus your mind to allow that energy to show itself, but you have to give yourself the permission to do it first.

When I first started out in the speaking industry, I got to witness a lot of people on stage that had great information and content.  But one thing that I noticed with most of them was that they lacked the ability to attract and capture their audience.  I finally realized that they weren’t making a connection with their audience because they weren’t letting their sexual energy come through.

The problem was that I was doing the exact same thing.  I didn’t allow my sexual energy to come out either and it was hurting my business.  I finally realized that if I focused my mind, I could let that energy come out.  Once I did, it made a world of difference in my business.  Sales increased, my business got better, and to be honest, I felt better.

I had been holding back the whole time and it wasn’t doing anyone any favors, including me!  That’s why I strongly believe that if you don’t find a way to connect with your own sexual energy i.e. your personal power, you’ll end up hurting yourself and your business.

What You Focus On Will Expand

We all have feelings that affect us in our everyday life.  There’s really no way to turn them off because they’re part of what makes us human.  However, we do have control over how we react to our thoughts and the feelings that we associate with them.

Think about when you’ve had a bad day.  Maybe you slept through your alarm and you were late to a meeting.  You could complain and be pissy because your day got off to a “bad” start.  Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on what is working and what you want next.  You got extra sleep that your body needed or maybe your commute wasn’t as bad because you left at a later time.

It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we react to it.  It is our choice to react in either a positive or a negative way.  When we focus on negativity, it makes us weak and robs us of our sexual energy.  But when we focus on the positive, it allows us to take ownership of our thoughts and use our sexual energy to enhance our creative power.

It’s like when I had to file for bankruptcy.  One of my business partners stole my business right from under me while I was out of town and I lost everything.  Most people would associate this as a negative experience.

It took me awhile to realize that going through that experience was actually a good thing.  In the end, it really was a great breakthrough for me.  Because of the bankruptcy, I was able to let go of a huge burden and move away from the past.  I was able to focus on my sexual energy which allowed positive things to happen in my life.  Even though it was a devastating experience, it created a lot of amazing things to happen as well. Positive things like new opportunities, new people and new ventures to come flooding into my life.


Sexy Boss Belief: Everything Happens for the Best!

In a recent article in Entrepreneur titled “How to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused,” it mentions how easy it is to get distracted in our everyday lives.  It relates to getting your brain to focus to work life.  It’s frustrating to me that the article didn’t take being focused a step further.

Before you can get focused at work, you have to learn how to focus in your life and this starts with using your sexual energy.  Yes, it’s good to know that multitasking actually makes us less productive but there’s more to it than that.  You have to learn how to focus your thoughts and emotions and associate them with positive meaning.

My point is that whatever is going on in your life, you have the choice to attach a positive or negative meaning to it.  When you learn how to focus your mind correctly, you avoid the anxiety of worrying about the outcome.  It’s usually what you fear most that shows up in your life because that’s what you focused on.  By focusing on the positive, you create positive associations in all aspects of your life no matter what the world thinks should or shouldn’t happen.  You can then use those positive thoughts to focus on your sexual energy and create what you want for your life.

Final Thoughts From a Sexy Boss

It takes time to learn how to focus your mind.  Make the decision to learn how to focus your mind on one thing instead of trying to multi-task.

Give yourself permission to tap into your own personal sexual energy.  It will create massive impacts in your life, business and personal relationships.  Own who you are! People are attracted to that. Period.

A Sexy Boss learns how to channel personal sexual energy which will impact both life and business.  It will allow you to connect to your higher self, your creativity, and help you to be more compassionate with others.

With my experience of learning how to channel my personal sexual energy, the impact of my life and business is speed.  It has enhanced my ability to connect to my higher self, my creative side and being more compassionate with others.