How to Dress with Confidence and Rock Out your Sexy Boss

by Kimberly Seltzer, LCSW
Dating and Makeover Expert

SexyBoss_Interviews_Kimberly Selter

Think Hitch meets What Not To Wear.  That’s me. Whether it’s putting on a new pair of shoes, watching you flirt with a guy in a grocery store or matching you, it’s all about feeling good about yourself so you can attract that right person and opportunities in your life!

Coco Chanel once said, “Dress poorly and people will notice your clothes; dress well, and people will notice you.”  What you portray on the outside sends a message of who you are in the world so it’s important to think about what your clothes and presentation communicates to others.  Moreover, there is scientific research that proves that your attire and the way you carry yourself increases performance and attracts opportunity in many aspects of your life.

When you are truly confident with your body and dress for success you radiate in a way that draws other people to you. That kind of inner confidence can’t be faked, and in order to get it you need to learn how to love your body and dress in a way that reflects the best YOU.  Here are 3 easy tips to feel confident in your own skin and rock out your sexy boss.

Tip#1: Dress for your body type.

As an image consultant I often see women who don’t know how to dress for their body type. It’s literally one of the best things you can do to feel less overwhelmed when shopping and immediately feel more confident in your skin. If you don’t yet know how to dress for your body type and accentuate your assets, download my eBook now for a full guide at

Tip #2: Find colors that flatter your skin tone.

When you wear colors that flatter your skin tone you look AND feel your best. I recommend holding up a few different colored tops and asking friends and associates their opinion.  The colors that people positively and enthusiastically react to are YOUR colors.  Once you have a list of the colors that look amazing on you stick with them!

Tip#3: Get to know your confident clothing.

Take notice what clothes you tend to put on over and over again that give you that extra boost.  Ask yourself what you have in your wardrobe that you wish you could wear everyday.  Survey the way clothes fit, how comfortable they are and the quality of fabrics.  You will start seeing a pattern of what clothes work for your personality and lifestyle.

Creating confidence with your clothing will help you build relationships and demand respect.  You then become that sexy boss that people will entrust.

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