How to Build Confidence as a Sexy Boss

Being a Sexy Boss means living a confident life.  It’s when you’re confident that you show yourself as a leader, which allows you to inspire trust and build confidence in who you are.

If you’re not comfortable putting yourself out there and stepping into the spotlight, it’s time for you to stop sabotaging yourself and move past whatever is holding you back.

When you stop yourself from showing the world your attributes, you rob them and yourself of potential.  It’s when you allow yourself to be seen that you let others see you as a role model and it gives others the strength to show themselves to the world also.

The Importance of First Impressions

A great way to start building confidence is through your appearance.  Do you ever meet people that instantly turn you off either by the way they look or act?  Maybe their clothes are disheveled or they don’t make eye contact with you.  Does that inspire your confidence in them?  Absolutely not!

What about someone who is dressed impeccably, who looks you straight in the eye and just has an image that exudes trust?  What does that do for your confidence in them?  It makes a world of difference in how you feel about interacting with someone who just looks like they don’t give a damn about themselves and what image they are portraying to others.

An online magazine called has an article on their site titled, “Top 10: Ways to Show Confidence With Body Language.”  Even though the article is clearly written with men in mind, the majority of the tips mentioned can easily apply to women as well.

One item that the article states in its list of building confidence tips is a firm handshake.  Have you ever shook hands with someone who responded with a half-assed handshake?  It’s almost insulting!  It’s as if you are either diseased or you’re not worth the effort of a “real” handshake.

You will usually find yourself shaking hands with someone as part of a business meeting. How the hell are you supposed to feel confident in doing business with someone who doesn’t give a firm handshake?  It makes you question whether that person is sincere in their business dealings.

Of course, giving a firm handshake doesn’t mean that you should squeeze the shit out of someone’s hand until they’re practically in pain either.  Then you just look like an ass!  Just a simple firm handshake where you fully grasp the person hand and shake will inspire confidence in others that you are willing and ready to do business with them.

Another confidence building tip mentioned in the article is grooming.  Do you know the difference between looking professional and looking frumpy?  Let’s just say that people who meet you will know and it could mean the difference between someone wanting to do business with you or not.

You need to look good when you present yourself as a Sexy Boss.  Now I don’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines at all times but look as if you’re confident in who you are as a Sexy Boss.

This involves wearing clean clothes that look good on you and aren’t wrinkled.  Take the time to choose outfits that fit the image you want to portray.  If you’re self-employed and you show up to a business meeting in jeans and a sweatshirt, will you really get their business?  What would happen if you simply changed your outfit to business attire that fits the culture of the business you are trying to attract? I’m willing to bet that it would make the difference between getting the deal and not getting it.

Keep in mind that these are non-gender issues.  Both men and women need to take the time to pay attention to how their outward appearance affects those around them.  If you’re a guy, shouldn’t your nails and hands be clean when you show up for a business meeting?  It doesn’t mean you have to go have a manicure although some men do, but take the time to scrub your hands and nails to show you care about your appearance and how you present yourself.

Some women may not feel as if it’s ladylike to give a firm handshake.  They don’t want to be seen as too aggressive or even bitchy.  But what ends up happening is you show yourself to be weak or at the very least not confident about yourself as a businessperson.

I recently was out having dinner and struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to me.  The conversation started casually but there was one key thing that I noticed about her.  She would never look me in the eye!

All I could think was – does she do the same thing in her professional life?  She obviously didn’t have the confidence to look me in the eye.  If she is doing that with other people, she can’t possibly inspire others to look at her as the go-to person in her profession.

What many people don’t realize is how others perceive us without thought.  It’s human nature and instinct.  We automatically assess people instantly, sometimes before we have a chance to speak with them.  We notice when someone is standing up straight and looks confident, while we also notice when someone slouches and has their hands in their pockets.

Think of how you view people you see in the news every day.  Look at how First Lady Michelle Obama or Princess Kate look every single time you seem them.  Even when they are dressed casually, they look amazing.  For the roles they play, it’s a must for them to always be conscious of how they look and present themselves to others.  It instantly builds confidence whether they are meeting the average citizen or world leaders.

Start Building Confidence Now

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Blow it and you can never change how others will view you both as a person and a professional.

If you find yourself not paying attention to how you look or present yourself, now is the time for you to find exercises to build confidence.  You can read my book or find the many other resources out there to help you.  It’s never too late to build confidence and change the way others view you.

Whether it’s learning how to build confidence in men or how to build confidence in women, what matters is that you take the first step.  In today’s digital world, there’s an abundance of building confidence books and tips available for you to use.  It’s when you start to build confidence that you will see the difference in your relationships both personally and professionally.

Final Thoughts from a Sexy Boss

Building confidence as a Sexy Boss means showing yourself as someone in command of your life and living your best life!  You will inspire others to not only do business with you but they will look to do the same in their own life.

Find building confidence tips and exercises to help you practice and grow into a peak performer that makes others notice and turn to you when they need a leader to trust in key decision-making situations.