How Finding Your Fire Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


It’s human nature for us to have dreams about what we want for our lives.  Unfortunately, most people do absolutely nothing with those dreams.  They sit around wasting time wondering what could have been or all of the excuses of why they let those dreams fade away and become nothing.

The Sexy Boss knows that her dreams can become a reality but only if she allows them to.  She knows that dreams don’t automatically happen. It takes work, action and focus to make them real.

Why Excitement Isn’t Enough

When you have a dream, of course you’re going to be excited about it.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a dream.  While it’s good to be excited about what you want, it simply won’t be enough.

You know how it feels when you first get a new job.  You’re excited.  You’re in a new environment, meeting new people, learning new things.  Then think about what happens a few days later.  You’re happy to be there but maybe there’s a co-worker or two that you don’t care for.  Maybe your new boss is an idiot.

Or maybe you got a ton of paperwork dumped on you because the person who was there before you didn’t do their job well.  The excitement has definitely worn off!

Excitement isn’t enough to focus your dreams on.  Your focus must be on determining what you want and finding your enthusiasm and the passion behind it.

When I was 21, I was faced with a major decision.  My dad called to tell me that he wasn’t going to pay my college tuition bill anymore.  I felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath me.  I knew that without paying that bill, I couldn’t finish college.

One thing that I had always promised myself was that I would get a degree no matter what.  Now that I was confronted with the possibility of not getting one, I knew I had to take action.

I applied for an executive sales job even though I had no prior sales experience and I hadn’t finished college yet. The sales manager tried everything he could to start me in customer service but I wouldn’t budge.  He thought he could treat me like some 20-year old girl who hadn’t finished college, stick me in a customer service job and that would be enough.  Wrong!  I wanted more.  My focus was on getting that executive sales job and I wasn’t taking no for an answer.  He saw how persistent I was and finally conceded to give me the job.

It wasn’t about me being excited to get that high-level position.  It was about knowing that now I had a way to pay for college and I wasn’t letting anyone or anything get in my way.  My passion and enthusiasm for having a college degree gave me the “fire” to stand my ground no matter what anyone thought or said.

That job was no easy experience.  It was very cut-throat.  No one was your friend.  You didn’t dare make friends because you never knew how long people were going to last.  It was the classic case of survival of the fittest except it was in a business environment.  I was the underdog the whole time but I found a way to make it successful because I was passionate about what I wanted.

That’s why it’s so important for you to be clear on what you want.  Just because it may be a dream, in no way does that mean it will be an easy journey.  You will have to have enthusiasm and passion for those days where everything seems to go wrong or no one gives a darn whether you succeed or not.

Six Steps to Reality

To turn your dreams into reality, you have to follow the right steps.  In an article on the Huffington Post called “Turning Your Dreams Into Reality,” it talks about taking action.  But what I find the article lacks is creating a specific timeline for what you want.  I have detailed below the six steps that you need to follow to attract what you want in any aspect of your life.

–          Define what you want.  This is where you have to be specific.  Instead of saying you want to have a lot of money, say you want to have $5,000 in two months.

–          Determine exactly what you intend to give.  Think of money as an exchange.  You have to give something in order to receive it.

–          Establish a date.  Give yourself a deadline.  This will provide you with a clear focus of when you want your dream to become a reality.

–          Create a well-defined plan to carry out your desire.  Make a list of the actions you will take and then actually take them!  You have to start in order to make it all happen.

–          Write out a clear and concise statement of everything.  This is where you affirm, “I will”, “I want”, “I have”, “I will have”…
–          Re-read your statement.  Create a way for you to visualize what you want.  Make a collage or create an online portfolio of all the things that remind you of what you’re trying to achieve.

By having a specific plan, with specific goals, and a way to keep yourself on track, your dream can and will become a reality.

Letting It All Go

I know I said that there are six steps to turning your dream into reality but there’s actually a seventh step to include.  That step is letting it all go.

Think of this step as you would raising a child.  When you have a child, you raise it, nurture it, teach it, love it, and give it the attention that it needs to grow.  It’s the same for your dreams.  They need the same attention and care as a child does or you must be willing to watch them die.

If you smother a child or try to protect them too much, they end up not growing or they may even end up resenting you.  Your dreams can’t be smothered either.  You have to let them go, trust that you have put the right plans in place and that you will act on them to the best of your ability.

Final Thoughts From a Sexy Boss

Create your plan today and use it to turn your dreams into reality.  Remember to focus on your passion and enthusiasm instead of excitement.

As you find your inner fire, you will see how your goals can help you to realize and become the Sexy Boss that’s within you.

A Sexy Boss know when to take a goal and build it, nurture it, love it and let it go.  If you keep your goals locked inside of you, they will never become real.  When you release them into the world, they will grow and become your reality.