The Sexy Boss Lifestyle of Creating an Online Business

The Sexy Boss Lifestyle of Creating an Online Business One of the main traits of being a Sexy Boss means channeling your power into something that’s meaningful to you.   The ultimate power comes from the success you create in your life.  While some people may use that power to destroy or disable their life, you…

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How to Develop Your Personal Brand as a Sexy Boss

Sexy Boss™ Personal Brand Heather Havenwood

As a Sexy Boss, developing your personal brand is key to everything you do.  It shows the world who you are and what your business is about. In a world that’s filled with a constant flow of information, you must make your ideas known in order to stand out.  Many people make the mistake of…

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Making the No BS Decision to Turn Pro

Turning Pro and Do What You Love to Do So many of us are faced at some point with choosing our career or profession.  This is often a decision that is made with the help of parents, friends, teachers, and counselors that are a significant part of our lives. The sad thing is that too…

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How Powerful Women Embrace Being a Sexy Boss

  Being a Sexy Boss means staying true to your dreams and what you believe in no matter what others think.  When you worry about what others think, you buy into their mentality and lose yourself in the process. Women all over the globe have at one time or another bought into the mentality of…

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5 Simple Steps to Expressed Living: Redefining Sexy in the Work Place

  Written by Saida Désilets, PhD In our fast-paced, sex-sells world, it is often difficult to navigate the under-currents of what it means to be sexy, especially in the business world. Being sexy is not something we do or wear, it is something we are. Yet few of us have received a positive imprint of…

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