5 Simple Steps to Expressed Living: Redefining Sexy in the Work Place


Written by Saida Désilets, PhD

In our fast-paced, sex-sells world, it is often difficult to navigate the under-currents of
what it means to be sexy, especially in the business world.

Being sexy is not something we do or wear, it is something
we are.

Yet few of us have received a positive imprint of a
powerful, sexually integrated, successful woman.

For the most part, we either judge a ‘sexy’ woman with
disdain or envy, but very rarely do we celebrate the beauty
of another woman, especially in the competitive corporate

Yet being sexy is something none of us can avoid—
because it is intrinsically part of who we are!

Imagine yourself to be deeply alive in your body, feeling joy
and pleasure as an integrated part of your wellbeing.

Imagine contentment and delight infusing all of your interactions with others, not
because its the norm, but because it is part of your daily choices.

Imagine creating for yourself a powerful community of supportive people, where your
beauty, intelligence, and contribution are deeply valued.

This is the new paradigm of business and it is happening right now.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Expressed Living:

1) Radical Self-Care: Take time, even just 5 mins/day, just for yourself, to know
yourself, to celebrate yourself, to do something special and delicious for yourself.

2) Saying NO: No is very sexy. Say NO to those who do not honor your fullness as a
woman, to the things that are draining and uninspiring, and to anything that doesn’t
invoke delight.

3) Notice Beauty: Become a smile collector. Find ways to notice beauty and to invite it
out to play. Personally I like to see how many smiles I can collect (& give) in a day.

4) Heart-Centered Sexuality: As you start to integrate your heart with your own erotic
nature, you will find yourself feeling more ‘sexy’ yet attracting more ‘respect’.

5) Speak Authentically: Your voice is sexy. Your truth is sexy. Taking responsibility for
yourself will not only create healthier relationships, but accelerate your success in

Being sensually integrated and expressed is sexy. It is not something you have to work
at, it is simply something to allow yourself to melt into regularly.

If you would love to cultivate deeper sensuality, pop on over to my site and join the
Succulence Revolution. www.theSucculenceRevolution.com