Sexy Boss™

How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys; While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex and How You Can Too!

Get ready for a shock. Heather Havenwood, online marketing expert and champion for women’s entrepreneurship, reveals the polarizing truth of being a women leader in the new virtual business world.

Sexy Boss™

Havenwood is an icon for what women can accomplish using their instinctual talents to fulfill on their passions while operating in a man’s world.

Sexy Boss Inc. is actually more than a book. It is a global fundamental movement.

It will educate, enlighten and empower you to take a more creative, effective and bolder approach to your life – and achieve the prosperity you deserve.

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Education Enlightenment Empowerment

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This Is A Wakeup Call

Not Because You're Weak Or Limited, But Because You're Infinitely Powerful

  • Out Of The Box Techniques

    Havenwood shows how out-of-the-box techniques that explode the myths and misconceptions women have about competing in what was previously only a man’s world.  And her fans love her.

  • It’s A Global Revolutionary Movement

    Sexy Boss Inc is a brainchild of entrepreneur and business coach Heather Havenwood, it is based on teaching the marketing, business and lifestyle principles that anyone MUST adopt to be able to outwit and outsmart the boy’s game.

  • Now Is The Time To Take Charge

    Now is the time to take charge and show the power you possess as women to learn and master the new marketing, lifestyle, and online marketing game.  Go for it you Sexy Boss!

  • CEO, Author and Coach

    Before turning her energies to Sexy Boss, Havenwood coached men on how women think. “Now it is time to teach women how to play with the big boys in business,”

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Listen To The First 3 Chapters Of Sexy Boss FREE Now!


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Listen To The First 3 Chapters Of Sexy Boss FREE Now!

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